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Sexual Abuse In School

Compassionate Attorneys Serving Victims Of Child Sexual Abuse In Stamford, Connecticut

At TJC • ESQ, we have great compassion for children and families affected by sexual abuse. Our child sex abuse attorneys in Stamford are tactful, understanding and capable of handling your case with the utmost sensitivity and protecting your privacy at every turn. For more than 30 years, we have advocated for victims of abuse and held teachers, coaches and other abusers responsible, and we can do the same for you.

When you put your case in our hands, we do everything in our power to help you bring sexual predators to justice while protecting your child from being retraumatized or having to relive their experience. We can take on any person or institution that may have played a role in harming your child, and we are prepared to begin doing so immediately.

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Liability For Child Sexual Abuse

As a parent, you may be wondering, “How in the world did this happen?”

Of course, the faculty member who willfully harmed your child should be held responsible for their actions. However, there are also systems in place to protect your child. When they fail, the consequences can be disastrous.

As schools and school districts are being managed, there are various points where an administrator, teacher or other official may fail to protect students. School officials and educational departments may indirectly facilitate sexual abuse through a number of avoidable failures such as:

  • Failure to conduct appropriate background checks for teachers and other staff
  • Failure to respond to reports of child sexual abuse by faculty
  • Failure to report suspicions of sexual abuse to police or Child Protective Services
  • Failure by school districts to inform teachers that they must report suspicions of sexual abuse directly to law enforcement or Child Protective Services
  • Lack of teacher training on how to confirm, report or handle suspicions of sexual abuse
  • Lack of training for school staff on how to spot grooming tactics
  • Insufficient guidance from school district officials and the federal Department of Education
  • Lack of information sharing between school districts, which could reveal previous accusations of sexual abuse against teachers who have changed districts

Signs Of Child Sexual Abuse In School

As a parent, it is unthinkable to consider that your child may be experiencing sexual abuse at the hands of a teacher or faculty member at their school. However, you must be aware of the signs in order to protect your child and intervene as soon as possible.

Perk up if your child exhibits any of the following potential symptoms of sexual abuse:

  • Sexual knowledge beyond what is appropriate for their age
  • Particular aversion to a certain faculty member
  • New problems in sleeping (nightmares, night terrors, etc.)
  • Uncharacteristic fear of being left at school
  • New secretiveness, social withdrawal or clinginess

The physical signs of sexual abuse are equally as telling. These often include:

  • Unexplained bruising (especially near the mouth or genitals)
  • Discolored or foul discharge from the mouth, genitals, anus or ears
  • Pain in any of the aforementioned areas
  • Difficulty or pain when urinating or voiding

If you have reason to believe your child has been sexually abused, do not wait. Contact your local police department immediately and seek medical attention for your child. Then, secure legal representation as soon as possible.

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Filing A Lawsuit Against The Responsible Party

We understand you do not want to drag your child into court or make the healing process more challenging than it needs to be. Our team at TJC • ESQ shares the same goal. When you bring us in, we fight for justice while you tend to your child.

Depending on your case, it may be best to take action against the person or entity responsible for the abuse in order to ensure they cannot continue to harm other children or allow such abuses to continue. However, every case is unique, and our firm is here to help you obtain your best solution.

Contact us today to discuss your options.