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Lawsuit claiming child sexual abuse lodged against ‘Cheer’ star

| Sep 24, 2020 | Child Sexual Abuse |

The issue of child sexual abuse is significant and deserves attention. Children in Connecticut deserve to be protected from exploitation and abuse, and it is important for their parents to know that they have legal options in civil court when the unthinkable happens. Light can be shed on this important issue when a celebrity is involved.

Child sexual exploitation case lodged against “Cheer” star

According to CNN, a lawsuit has been filed against Jeremiah “Jerry” Harris from the Netflix docuseries “Cheer” accusing him of committing acts of child sexual exploitation and abuse against two young male cheer athletes. Harris is accused of using social media to send sexual messages and photographs to the minors. In addition, according to the lawsuit, Harris tried to meet the minors in secret locations in order to have sexual contact with them.

The lawsuit also includes the United States All Star Federation, Varsity Spirit and Cheer Athletics as plaintiffs. Per the lawsuit, these companies did not implement reasonable safeguards to keep Harris from committing the alleged acts of child sexual abuse.

Speak out if your child was the victim of sexual abuse

Child sexual abuse can be difficult to report. Not only do the victims have to relive the trauma, but they may believe that they will not be taken seriously if they try to take action against the harms they suffered. However, it is important to ensure that child sexual abuse victims have their voices heard. Parents of child sexual abuse victims may want to learn more about their legal options, including whether filing a civil lawsuit is right for them. Doing so could put a stop to further abuse, and it could bring a sense of security and justice to victims and their parents.