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Teacher-student sexual abuse cases are terrible

| Jan 2, 2020 | Child Sexual Abuse |

Child sexual abuse is a big issue that must be promptly addressed. Parents who send their children to school assume that those juveniles are safe when they are there. Unfortunately, there are teachers who partake in sexual activities with the students who trust them.

These types of situations can take many forms. The key points are that there must be an adult and a child involved, and the activities must have the goal of arousing either the educator or the student. Not all cases of child sexual abuse are physical; however, many cases do involve physical contact.

It is possible that the sexual abuse of a student can entail making sexually explicit comments or showing the student photographs or other things that are of a sexual nature. Even if the student welcomes the behavior, it is still child sexual abuse because minors aren’t legally able to make their own decisions about this area of life, and these decisions shouldn’t be made regarding someone who is in control of the children.

There aren’t any positions in school that are immune to the possibility of child sexual abuse. Teachers are the most common abuser, accounting for around 18% of cases. Coaches account for around 15%, substitute teachers for around 13%, bus drivers for around 12%, teacher’s aides for approximately 11%, other school employees for about 10%, security guards for around 10%, principals for around 6% and counselors for around 5%.

The children who are the victims in these cases often face a long road to recovery. They might need extensive counseling and may suffer from lifelong problems. Their parents might opt to pursue civil action to recover the damages related to the matter.