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April 2019 Archives

The effect of a criminal record on your child custody case

If you're a divorcing parent with a criminal record, you may assume that this record will prevent you from being granted any child custody rights -- particularly if your spouse doesn't want to share custody. Judges who are called on to decide custody cases focus on what's in the child's best interests. Your criminal history may or may not impact your ability to parent your children in a safe, healthy, positive way.

Can you get sole custody of your children when you divorce?

There are many things that can lead to a painful divorce. You and your spouse could be parting ways because of infidelity, mistreatment or your inability to agree on how to raise your children. In some cases, divorcing couples can reach agreements about how to proceed with everything they need to decide as they dissolve their marriage. However, many situations remain extremely difficult to navigate.

State legislators seek to strengthen sexual assault laws

Survivors of sexual assault and their allies are pushing for changes to Connecticut law that would remove or lengthen the statutes of limitations for reporting and taking legal action on a broad range of sex crimes. Connecticut currently has among the strictest statutes of limitations in the country.

Do your tweens have to use booster seats?

When you and your kids get into your vehicle, you are probably in a hurry. And although it might be easier and faster to transition from the house to the car now that your kids are almost teenagers, you still need to make sure they are buckled in correctly.

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