Advocating For Parenting Rights During Child Custody Disputes

When parents decide to divorce, conflicts over child custody arrangements may become the most acrimonious. Although both parents may want to support their child's best interest, they may have different interpretations of this standard, leading to lengthy and heated disputes.

If you are struggling to resolve a custody matter alone, what you do not know about Connecticut's child custody laws or the divorce process can have serious consequences. You can rely on our attorneys at TJC • ESQ to provide honest advice about your custody options and other family law issues. We have tirelessly advocated for our clients' parenting rights for over 30 years and are ready to fight for you.

Concentrating On Your Child's Best Interests

Many estranged couples can, with help, negotiate the terms of an agreement without the court's involvement. Judges will review these agreement terms to ensure that the provisions support the child's best interests, but most judges recognize that an agreement reached between the parents is nearly always best.

Of course, sometimes no agreement can be reached, despite efforts to do so. A common misconception regarding custody is that the courts favor mothers over fathers. In actuality, when the parties are careful in presenting their case regarding the child, the courts are open to understanding what is truly best on a case-by-case basis.

When you work with our lawyers, we will explain the best interest standard, and help you articulate what your children need. We will develop and defend a parenting plan that helps you remain actively involved in your child's life after your divorce. We represent mothers and fathers throughout Connecticut, and strive to identify custody solutions that both parents accept.

Using A Variety Of Approaches To Support Your Parenting Rights

Our attorneys are seasoned litigators and strategic negotiators. We will pursue a collaborative approach when both parties are willing to negotiate terms. We are ready to champion your parenting rights in court when parties reach an impasse. You can rest assured that we have the skill set required to defend your case.

Assisting You With Post-Judgment Matters

Connecticut courts recognize that significant life changes can affect your ability to follow the terms of your custody agreement. Our lawyers are qualified to represent clients in post-judgment matters related to modification and enforcement. We have a record of success in securing favorable outcomes for parents petitioning for and challenging relocations, requesting court orders for custody violations and providing remedies for other custody issues.

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